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Welcome to the Kauzlarich Research Laboratory.

The design, synthesis and characterization of new materials are vital components of developing new technologies. The field of solid state and materials chemistry provides new compounds with unique properties. It is a multidisciplinary field whose importance continues to increase not only with the discovery of new materials, but also through a deeper understanding of the diverse properties of solids. My research program focuses on the challenges of synthesizing new materials with enhanced or new physical properties and is a balance of directed and exploratory projects which combine synthesis with property measurements.  Our materials discovery activities are directed by our interest in new thermoelectrics, new magnetoresistive materials, new magnetic materials, and functional materials for a variety of applications. We use the Zintl concept to direct our exploration, and many methods to synthesize and grow crystals or high purity powders of our compounds. The ability to synthesize and control the size, surface, and functionality of group 14 nanoparticles is important for the realization of device fabrication in the fields of energy conversion and storage. We have been developing synthetic methods to prepare high-yield, crystalline, surface-terminated group 14 nanoclusters, nanoparticles, and nanocrystals.

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